Two days before her wedding ceremony, Prince William and Kate reportedly adopted a child. According to sources, they want to build a family with adopted children from different cultures.

Pangeran William & Kate Middleton Adopsi Anak?

"Kate has a good heart, like Princess Diana. That's what makes Will fall in love with him," said a source close to both as reported by the National Enquirer, on Wednesday (04/27/2011).

She appreciated the social life of actress Angelina Jolie adopt children different cultures to provide a better life. Prospective future Queen of England is also wanted to do the same.

"Will thinks, foreign adoptions would help modernize the royal family and make it more popular in the eyes of the people. He knew his mother would have loved the idea," he added.

William and Kate will get married in the Church Wemsminster Abbey on 29 April. After they officially became husband and wife, will have 5 ceremony ceremony held in UK.

The event was held while carrying the bride from the Church of Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace.